Frequently Asked Questions
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Why MaxCPA #1?

MaxCPA is an Affiliate and CPA Network that is based on promoting offers and doing business with major Marketing Companies. We offer our users option to make money with us by helping us promoting the offers.
# 2000+ offers to promote
# $10 Minimum Payment
# 24/7 Support
# 6% Referral Commissions

How Does MaxCPA Work?

Single offer promote: You can promote a single offer using article, website landing pages, email, forum, blog etc.

Files Locker: You can upload files that are protected. Users have to complete an offer in order to access your file.

Links Locker: You can upload links that are protected. Users have to complete an offer in order to access your link.

Content Locker: You can protect your website by placing code on it that will force users to complete an offer in order to access parts of your website.

How Much Earn Money Every Time Any User Completes An Offer?

You will earn money for each and every offer completed. You will receive a creditable lead when the user is from a country that our advertisers are willing to pay for. Currently, over 190 countries are being sponsored in the MaxCPA program. The France $25, Germany $18, Norway $16, Netherlands $15, Switzerland $10, Finland $10, Ireland $10, Spain $9, Belgium $8, Italy $7, Hungary $6, Turkey $5, Malaysia $3, are some of the highest paying countries available by our advertisers. You can earn on average anywhere between 10 cents up to 25 dollars for each user who gains access to your content depending on what country the user is coming from and the offer selected. Most leads pay from around 1 dollar for the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. Other low payout countries vary between 10 - 60 cents usually.

Why MaxCPA Better Then The Others?

We strive to make sure we are offering the highest payouts in the industry. We have a dedicated team working with our advertisers 24/7 always looking for the newest, highest performing advertisements to ensure you are getting the most money for your content possible. We have the most sophiscated system around and are constantly making changes and finding new advertisements to make sure you are earning the most money in the industry - If you want to get paid the most money for your content using the most sophisticated content locking site out there then join The MaxCPA Network today!

What Is Your Schedule For Payment ?

You are able to request a payout at anytime once you reach the 10 dollar limit. Earnings will be reviewed by our fraud department at the end of each month. Payments will be sent Net-30, Net-15, Net-7.

What Are MaxCPA Payment Methods ?

Payments will be made via Paypal, Payoneer, Payza, Wire Transfer, Skrills or Western Union.

What Types Of Files Are Prohibited On MaxCPA?

(1) Pornographic Or Sexual material. (2) Racial, ethnic, political, or discriminating content. (3) Tutorials or content dealing with Illegal Practices. (4) Content with excessive violence or profanity. (5) Content that harms others or represents physical threat. (6) Promotion of illegal substances or activities. (7) Content Dealing With Software Pirating. (8) Content Dealing With Hacking or Phreaking. (9) Content Dealing With Trafficking from adult-related websites. (10) Files that contain Viruses or Malware. (11) Infringement or violations of the patents, copyrights, trademarks, rights of publicity, rights of privacy, moral rights, music performance or other music-related rights, or any other right of any third party. (12) Any illegal activity whatsoever.

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